A book reveiw

Hey everyone,

I haven’t been on for ages but when I saw my flag counter I was so excited to see how many new countries had visited my blog. Thank you so much I really appreciate it!

I really wanted to review a book today so I am going to tell you about the book tuck everlasting. Tuck everlasting is a great book about a young girl who discovers that there is a spring in the forest she lives near and her family owns. The water in the spring can make you live forever. A family takes the girl away so she can’t tell anybody about the spring. The family tells her they drank from it and are hundreds of years old. Meanwhile she really likes one of the boys in the family named Jesse who says he drank from it when he was seventeen. He says to the girl to drink the water when shes seventeen so they can get married and live forever together. But will she drink from the spring and will other people find out about it. I guess you’ll just have to read it !!

I had to read it for school and wasnt very excited about it but once I read the first two scentences I was hooked.


Happy reading,



Holidays !!

Hi all you holiday loving people,

Finally almost everybodys favourite part of the year has come….. HOLIDAYS ! I love holidays so much because of the lovely sleep in you get in the morning. I also love going out and about everyday. Holidays are so fun but at the ends of them I start to get a little bored and miss school 🙁 . We didn’t go overseas these holidays but we did drive down to Wollongong for a day. Unfortunately holidays will be ending soon but I am not that sad about going back, because as I said before I start to miss school a little bit! I will have a lovely new term of school ready to look forward to when we go back (like always). Term 3 will hold lots of fun adventures and experiences.

Whats your favourite part about holidays??

Whats your least favourite part about holidays??

Did you go any place special/Overseas??

Enjoy my little movie!




Happy Birthday Bloggers Cafe!

Happy 1st Birthday to the Bloggers Cafe,

Mrs Miller and Mrs Thomas work so hard to make sure that they are keeping us entertained with blogging. I really enjoy blogging when I find the time to do it which isnt that often sorry:-(. I was really happy last yearwhen I found out that I could make my own blog. I am trying so hard to blog but its just that I never really find time. Thanks Mrs Miller and Mrs Thomas for giving us the oppurtunity to blog I really have enjoyed it !

If you want some fun visit the Bloggers Cafe at http://thebloggerscafe.edublogs.org/


A fabulous win !

Hi everyone,

Sorry that I always post about soccer but it is just that i love it 🙂
Every Sunday we play a game and we played west pymble and we won but the score wasn’t 2-0 it wasn’t 4-0 it wasn’t 6-0 and it wasn’t 7-0 it was 8-0 eight nil that is the best game i have ever had. I lplayed striker and right midfielder.We were all so excited about it an couldnt stop smiling I had the best time ever!!


Making your very own box


Sorry I havent posted in a while i have been very busy and we dont do blogging in our class anymore 🙁
The other day I was VERY BORED !! So I went into the art shop and found a cuple of things to make my very own box to put anything in it.
What you will need:
A box
Theese are the steps :
First of all you find your box and paint it anycolour you want.
Secondly you let it dry after that you put lots of your own stickers on
And lastly you enjoy having it!

My Box on PhotoPeach

Homophone Poems

Hi Everyone,

In class for spelling we are making poems but no ordinary poems we are making homophone poems. What you have to do in the poems are try find a homophone and math the word at the end for example:

I planted the tree into the ground that night
and had a dream about a big brave knight


I saw a bee
that i really wanted to be

It is really fun you have a go at it and leave a comment telling me it 🙂


Puzzle of my Cousins dog Enzo

Hi Everyone,

About a month ago my Cousin got a dog his name is Enzo. Enzo is an adorable puppy but dont know what breed he is. I couldnt make a slideshow of all the pictures I took so decided intstead to make a puzzle of one of my pictures. Comment and tell me what time you got 🙂


Also stay tuned on my blog as I am taking beautiful photos of nature and nice scenes that are called Anitas Magic Photos. I will make a slideshow of all the photos I have taken so keep your eyes out for that.


How to get more visitors on your blog

Hi Everyone,

I am writing this post for people who want to get more visitors on their blog. I have a few tips for everyone so enjoy and watch your visitors go up and up!!

1.Comment on others blogs leaving your address so they can visit yours. Also it doesnt just have to be people in the country your in or your friends, find interesting country’s to comment on.

2.Dont write boring posts. People won’t want to read all theese boring things. Write about the most interesting things you can think of. What I learnt last year is if you write about fun things that you did at school lots of peoploe read and comment on it.

3. Always be updating your blog. Dont ever leave your blog for a month because when people come checking back for more posts they will get bored and eventually just stop visitng your blog because it hasn’t been updated for a long time. So every week or 2 (depends on when you can) write at least one blog post and update your blog a little bit.

4.Have interesting widgets for everyone to play with. I find when I put up new widgets more people come onto my blog to play them. I think by adding a new widget every moth you will get more visitors. Also try adding a survey to your blog, I thought that helped me get more visitors.

Hope my tips help 🙂


The Royal Wedding

Hi Everyone,

On Friday it was the day of the Royal Wedding in London. The people getting married were Kate and William. You may alreroyal_wedding_2011ady know lots about  the royal wedding because it has been advertised everywhere on the news. I really wanted to watch it but couldnt cause I was at the Justin Bieber Concert but I did record the wedding. My favourite thing in the wedding was when Kate walked down it her beautiful dress. Also I liked when they were outside and stood on the balcony and kissed for the crowd outside in London!! I tink they are really nice people. And hope they have a great life together. Also thankyou for always visitng my blog as I am now up to 1255 visitors from around the world !! I have made another record for my self this year and that is by the the end of the year I would realy like to get at least 2000 visitors from around the world. I am really excited about that record and hope I can write very interesting posts and have some fun widgets to keep you entertained.